My Name is Tracey and I love photographing horses and their people.  I have been a photographer for 12 years and have enjoyed the many clients and horses I have met along the journey.  I use natural light for all my portrait work, capturing the true nature of the relationship as I see it.  We have many types of relationships in our lives but I find the partnership between horse and rider to be one that is very special and I love to showcase it.  I would be honored to photograph you and your relationship with your horse.

Horses aren't the only subject I photograph.  I also photograph high school seniors, pets, and families ~ with a focus on people and their animals.  I have an infinity towards any work with animals and their relationship with their people.  In my other job I work as a energy healer specializing in behavioral, emotional and physical issues with animals utilizing reiki and flower essences.  My website is www.dancingthesacredhoop.com

A few fun things about me.  I have a horse named Denali.  We have been together for 11 years and it has been quite the ride. I have 3 cats ~ Merlin, Dexter and Chloe, and 7 chickens known as the "Senoritas" ~ Mamasita, Juanita, Frieda, Lupita, Margarita, Bonita and Pepita. I love to garden, nature, hiking, and camping.  I love to travel to exotic and far flung destinations. I have a wonderful husband named Ben, who provides comic relief and sometimes assists me on photo shoots.

Life is an awfully big adventure …don’t forget to document it along the way.